Girl in church, Satoshi Ueda (3D)


Great work!!! Congrats!


oau… you can fell in love with this kind of girl :smiley:
fantastic… the detail is impresive… the hair on the skin… oh my god


i was already in love with this piece since morning cuz i have u in my favs :slight_smile:

the only problem that i have with the img is that black line that comes from her chin toward her neck. that makes the head look slightly like if it was pasted into the image.


thats really impressive!
really love the lighting and details on her skin :slight_smile:


Nice render…:arteest:


Simply beautiful !! Congrats!!:thumbsup:


Thank you for your kind message, which motivated me so much.


amazing wok

5***** from me



素晴らしい (I hope this means what I wanted to say - Fantastic) :bowdown:. I love everything, really a great image.


great work, the hair on the skin … :thumbsup:
IMO there is too much sss on the skin


Great work :thumbsup: Great render:thumbsup:


Excellent work! :buttrock:
Lets see some wires and unshaded, please.



Outstanding, I hope you get an award for this! The peachfuzz effect is so beautifully done. My only crit is the hair looks like it needs better sampling as another poster has suggested. But overall this is specatular stuff!


So cute! Not that crazy about the composition - the subject centered and the picture halved by the lighting isn’t ideal. But technically superb and the girl most beautiful. :thumbsup:


amazing work! :thumbsup:


it’s fantastic!


This is one of the rare examples, where 3D throbs with life.



ommgh this looks so real, Awesome Work . And the hair I have no Words.


She’s very beautyful
Nice clothing and hair
The lighting is also awesome imo


photo :stuck_out_tongue: …this is soooo stunning!