girl in china old book, ZhiHeng Tang (3D)


Title: girl in china old book
Name: ZhiHeng Tang
Country: China
Software: Maya, mental ray, ZBrush

hi everyone:

this is my last work, she is a famous star in china named muyang,i like what she act in tv movies, hope you like it.

i made the model in zbrush and maya , and shave for hair rendering mentalray, comment are wellcome!!


Very nice work,I love the skin tones and shader,excellent!!


Very nice work. I agree with Arkaiko on his comments. The facial expression is great also! The only thing that looks a little off to me is the finger look a little to thick.

Great work :slight_smile:


i have post the detail,hope you like it .


Ge men ni tai niu bi le, chang bai zhong.


hehe duo xie peng chang!!!


Beautiful i like the eyes :beer:


Beautiful, very nice modelling and skin shader


You did it! Nice!


A superb portrait! :thumbsup: Greatly done contrast between the softly shaped face and the sharp details on the clothing. Only the eyes look a bit like misted, having there a lot of reflections. But all in all a masterpiece!


wonderful work

keep on & good luck


Nice work!
I loved her eyes!


Super! Great work!


very cool i relly like it


Hello Mate

May I ask how did you create the skin tone ?
I am quite interested in the shade of skin but not really good at it.

It will be great if you could give any feedback about how did you create the skin tone,
the point around the figure is very realistic and nice.

Thanks a lot.

BTW, zhen de hen piaoliang :slight_smile:


Excelent image :thumbsup: . My only critic is the hair which doesn’t have the quality of the rest of the image.


nice work man,congratulations
i think you can do more on the hair,your work will be perfect:thumbsup:


Really superb work, digging the folds and everything!

I’m really interested on what your approche was to make that scarf(scarf thing?) did you make it in zbrush? awesome.


Beautiful work man! Congrats!:thumbsup:


thanks for all your comment