Girl, hiroki tsuboi (3D)


Title: Girl
Name: hiroki tsuboi
Country: Japan

This work is 3dcg made from shade (3dcg software).

The color has been adjusted with photoshop.
My best regards.


looks pretty…:)…btw her left arm could be better…i thinks its still looks a bit box like and her skin in several place looks too shiny…but good job overall…:slight_smile:


sexy girl,very nice work 5*



I’ve been watching your past works at Japan.
It’s incredible that it is done by “Shade”.


very nice modelling skills, and nice textures. the camera angle fits very well and the composition is totally cool


WOW~ You did the cool work !! :thumbsup:
and I amaze it’s created by shade, are there still a lot of people using shade in Japan ??


wow … good model :bounce:


Hello Hiroki,

This creation, for the lack of a better word, is “excellent” ! I find… the arm is perfect, and a perfect female shoulder. Any character artist knows what pain it is to make a “nice” shoulder. A decent appeal, nice clothing, lively pose, you have made the clothing really nice…

Only the skin is looking a bit shiny and the lef ankle should be some thinner, in my humble opinion.

But however, I will expect her in my dreams tonight :slight_smile: .

Congratulations on this good work.

Best regards



It’s a nice uncomplicated work. No background to detract, bringing out the model beutifully. She’s also very attractive and has a calmness and inteligence about her. The hair needs a bit of work, but I know how long this can take.



This is a really nice model indeed. Good job on the cloth texture, hair and necklace. The off the shoulder strap is a nice touch.


Excellent work!


Her lips are a good colour. The dress design is senseual but not over the top…I must say, very good job!


She is way too beautiful :slight_smile: little tweaking on the left arm and little less shiny skin will make her look tooo sexy, too good work :slight_smile:


Great!! Maybe her shoulder needs some work, bnut all in all very nice


Cute lookin gurl !.. I feel the skin on the body needs some work ,a lil bit of variation n toning down the spec would go miles in improvin it.Hair could be made less sticky but thats ok… Great work overall.:scream:


Thank you for advice!!
As you said, skin is too shiny, and bug of the left arm.
I hold out further

Thank you for 5 star!! I am happy

Thank you for you have been watching my homepage!!
btw,Shade is a lot of inferior part to other 3dcg softwear.
But, I have been making works that device my own way

I am glad, because, you said “the composition is totally cool”
Thank you!!

Thank you for comment!!
Yes! Japanese a lot of using shade.
but, The most, hobby user and entry user.

Thank you! I am glad!!

Hello! Subhabrata Seal
I am happy!! because, you many many praise for me
As you said, skin is too shiny, shoulder is very difficult. Thank you for advice
Good dream!!

Thank you for advice and impression!!
Well,hair is very difficult.
I holds out referring to your opinion.

Thank you for you praise the necklace,shoulder strap,cloth texture,
I am happy!!

Thank you! I am happy!!

Thank you for praise the dress design!!
I holds out

As you said.
I makes an effort to make a better work.
Thank you!!

Thank you for advice!!
I holds out more make the shoulder

Thank you for advice!!
skin,hair is necessary to improve it more


WOW, she is so nice!

I love her eyes.


I am very happy that you love my girl’s
thank you:)


elegant girl.:thumbsup:.I am fond of her. Happy Valentine’s Day! I think I would be the happiest man on the planet ,if she could go out with me tomorrow.(Valentine’s Day):slight_smile:


Thank you!!
Your said is the highest compliment:thumbsup:
I am glad:)