Girl executioner, Eugene Fokin (3D)


Title: Girl executioner
Name: Eugene Fokin
Country: Russia
Software: XSI, ZBrush

This is portrait of a girl executioner.
She sad a bit because of her job…
I’m trying to evoke a sence of realistic human face and emotion in her.
It was modeled in Zbrush and then rendered in XSI Softimage.
Probably rendering could be better, but I do my best.
Comments are most welcome.


the face and hair looks perfect!
very nice job!


Great job! I love her expression.


very neat work



Awesome,good work on SSS and nice emotion but at a point she looks a bit frozen…
(but that’s me),keep working and hope to see more! :applause:

Good luck! :thumbsup:


I like this peice but find the use of modern manufacturing techniques on the leather takes away from the era. Perhaps more use of leather braiding and knotting would be better. Again more of an idea and less of a crtique.


The face look beautiful, very nice shading and sss setup. However I think the leather and the shoulderpads look underworked.


absolutely great face… :thumbsup:


definitely the face has some amazing expression. Great Job


I like her face :slight_smile:


Nice job:thumbsup:


Nice work,Eugene,but her eyes are a bit flat, it feels to me like there is not enough of depth.Maybe add a bit more specularity to it. The rest is absolutely beautifull.


Really beautyful,glad you finally posted it to the main gallery :buttrock:


Nice image good work. As soon as I saw her she reminded me of Power Rangers ‘Rita’, she’s like her daughter or something :stuck_out_tongue:

Were you inspired by Rita/Power Rangers or is this something you thought of on your own?


Great work indeed !

I saw this character some time ago, I liked it a lot !

I remember you modelled her full body, it would be great to see a rendered picture of it man ^^
Again great job, I especially like you subtle modeling . :thumbsup: 4*


Hi Eugene!
Face looks great! Nice render! 5*
Keep going!


She is so nice and sweet: great work!


I’ve also seen this before, its done very well.


the caracter is very superb! the skin too… I think you can improve the skin look addint more detail no the specular map!..if you already did that…is not very noticiable…the specularity on the skin is very uniform…just a tip :wink:


beautiful face, skin and lost look !