Girl By The Window, The_hand (3D)


Something that I’ve been doing on and off for the last few months. Color correction and post in photoshop. C&C are welcomed.


Overall very nice.
Just a few small things, in the top image, the fingers look a little fat, and in the lower image, the hands and fingers are not resting on the window sill.
In the upper image the under arm looks a little too ‘relaxed’, as in, not enough shape definition.

I would probably make the key light a little stronger, and maybe add some furniture in the room behind her. Maybe a framed picture or something dark.

But Despite this, I like it very much!


nice job , can u wireframe that plz ?:beer:


wow - This is beautiful! I prefer the second one though. It is so full of feelings. Wonderful.

I somehow don’t like the expression on her face in the first one so much, but I couldn’t tell you why. Probably it’s just me :stuck_out_tongue: .

If you’d ask me, rather than adding detail to the room behind her I’d make it deeper and let it disappear some more in the shadow. But maybe it would get to dark and destroy the composition - I don’t know…


She is beautifull! I prefer the second render too :slight_smile:


These are beautiful renders, I love them both:p

Your grasp of lighting to evoke mood and feeling is to be commended- what renderer do you use??

The textures are soft and subtle which help the overall composition-

would love to see her animated any plans in the works?


Yep she is nice ! :slight_smile:

I agree with Njen for the hands (1st render : her left hand’s fingers seems too fat IMO, and in the 2nde the hand are floating under the window thing but the overall pose/expression is nice).

Another little thing : I prefer the look of the curtain on the 1st render…


I’ve adjusted the position of the hands to make it look more like its resting on the ledge. As for the background, it is my attention to keep it bare rather than to have extra objects drawing attention away from the subject.

I can’t explain why the fingers look fat in the render, it was not modelled this way, could be the camera settings or the pose. Thank you for the C&C

arliss- V-Ray in 3DS MAX.


Awesome, great work…
Would like to see the full model.
No major crits…except the lower part of the blouse looks stiff (on belly area) and something unusual with collar bones.
cya … :slight_smile:


Hey, where are the wallpapers you promised me way back in the WIP thread :wink: Great job man.



excellent work. Brilliant poses, different and almost more natural. Like the enviorment, nice touch.

Only crit is a little less film grain effect on the the first pic, dont really need it that much on close-up’s.

brilliant stuff, cant wait to see more. Any wireframes :slight_smile:


beautiful, she’s lovely. :thumbsup: however the curtain distracts a little, I think because it’s a little too simple in comparison to you other objects. Other than that, great work


simply have to say : WOW !!! :wink:

lokks really great!

keep on working!


Really very goog work, keep it up :thumbsup:
As I said we need your wires :wink: … Thanks


her left hand still looks like its floating on the ledge,the right hand looks ok tho
fer as thin as she is if she is resting any weight at all on her arms then her shoulders should have a little more definition between her collar bones and shoulder muscles

looks great tho,luv it!:buttrock:


Wow lovely
She looks like trinity, is nt she ?




both the pics contain a lot of mood in them, and i like the subtle expressions (relaxing in first pic) on her face.

gr8 work all the way, keep it up :thumbsup: :slight_smile:


very nice!
the shirt should have a red border on the lower end.


fantastic work
nice modeling, nice rendering
keep it up


Really like this one. your works are haveing more and more mood. keep it up man!