Girl Body Critique



this is a model of a girl I recently made and would appreciate some critique. Cheers!



I’m happy to do a paintover if you like, but I have to say that the main thing that I think with helping to better see / sculpt form is by doing a lot of 2D traditional drawing. :slight_smile: I would encourage you to start a Sketchbook here and to begin to do some traditional studies from the masters - also, if you have access to a Life Drawing course or open session, I would encourage any 3D modeler to attend one on a regular basis, if possible. :slight_smile:

Hope to see a Sketchbook as I really do believe that drawing will influence your modeling in a very positive manner! Actually in London there is the Lavender Hill Studios which I believe offers life drawing and other courses.




Hi Rebecca!
thanks a lot for your post!
I’m just starting now to draw again. I used to draw a lot until I was a teenager, but then for a set of reasons I stopped, regrettably. I wil indeed attend life drawing classes and will start drawing everyday. As you say, it’s fundamental, especially for organic modelers.
Thanks for the Lavender Hill Studios link, I’ll check that out. And cheers for incouraging me to begin a sketchbook, it’s a great idea!



No problem Monica! I look forward to seeing your sketchbook and new life drawings. :slight_smile:


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