Girl and monster


This is from the 2d image I painted recently called “One last time”, which I posted here in the 2d forum.

As I promised, I’ve started making it in 3d. (Kind of slow though since I’m doing it in my spare time.)
(I’m using Maya, and SubD’s for just about everything in the scene.)

Because some say all my girls look the same I’m starting pretty much from scratch on this one, as you can see here - lacking all detail, and quite bad deformations happening after bending the joints into position. Then I deleted the skeleton and started the real modeling work… :slight_smile:

A test rendering with 2 dmap-spotlights and a simple ramp in the background.


A screenshot of the girl after some more modeling. Obviously I’m not bothering with things that will not be seen in the image, like the fingers on her right hand, and connecting the gap in the neck etc… (Though it sounds cool, making an animation out of this would take too long…)


Good start :thumbsup:

If you havent noticed, her hand is going trough her neck. (you noticed :slight_smile: )

I can see alot of unusual shapes, but this is a wip so Ill save the crits for later on :slight_smile:


hey starlberg,
Big question every 3d man\woman in the world has your nurbs tut thought about writing up a sub-d one.


keep going great job


Hi Steven

First off - love all your work and respect your level and depth of knowledge.

This piece is looking great so far! I don’t feel that I’m in much of a position to pick holes in your work - it would be like that uncle that always comes round who is a self appointed authority on everything trying to tell a brain surgeon how to do his job.

Big thumbs up on this one :thumbsup:


I am so looking forward to seeing this baby come along, your 2d image is still sitting on my desktop…

looking promising so far :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:



that 2d is beatiful, and the subject is really provocative… well done… i want to see the models when they are seemless


mmmm progressing nicely, I can’t wait for this one! :bounce: :bounce:

Edit: /me always gets excited when I see a gallery/WIP thread by Stahlberg :smiley:


good work, I like your lighting its pretty good, cant wait to see an update on that, the subject is very interessting either, good job!


AAAAAAAAAa, I want to see more!

This is sweet. But she does seem to be trying to stab herself in the neck with her hand…:hmm:


i like it so much!!:love:


I can’t wait for the final! I’m sure it will be great!


jep, cant wait for the final 3d version :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


oh! favorite again, but in 3d!! :beer:


I remember this post from a short time ago. I love this piece and I can’t wait to see it finished in 3D. You’ve got a very nice start, keep it up! : )


Good start Stahlberg! You absolutely must keep us posted. :applause:


Thanks! Well here’s another, with the fog (but low res on the shadowsamples for now)… the hair is just a left-over I was trying out.


going very well! i liked the fact that you have even her ribs done :stuck_out_tongue:

updates! :PPPPP

oh! are you going for the artsy look on the final 3d piece or more realistic and/or sinthetic?


Thats a great start stahlberg, I’m amazed at how fast its come together already and the likeness to your painting is really good. really inspirational!

Just as a general modeling question, do you always keep your basic heads separated from your basic bodies? I assume you’re using subdivision surfaces…