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The storytelling [in Futuristic Toys]] aims to be a reprise of a certain futuristic representation, a grotesque tale of the lack of psychology in this type of dramatic scenes, and which would spark a sense of loss and amazement in the viewer, still remaining in a dreamlike vision. On the other side it is an expressionist “dramma” which contextualize the human being ruled by the mechanicity built by himself and it wants to awake his asleep coscience.
The story touches also issues raised by classic novels as “La Divina Commedia” and “I Promessi Sposi” and wants to provoke thinking for young people ruled by the routine.

Please note this was a totally undipendent production, made as my “graduation work” (and my field is “industrial design”. I had to do EVERYTHING by myself (including musics).
I had the great priviledge of beeing the only Italian selected at IMAGINA AWARDS 2006. I would love to keep working in this direction, also cause I think an italian production(specially when the “production” is JUST ME) shoudn’t even try to compete with Pixar animations…
What do You think about it? I Don’ t wanna “spam”, but , really , I need to get some advices on how to get some “founds” … Do You know anyone that You think might be interested in something like this?

   Download [here]( (decent quality, around 30mb)  or [here]( (around 23mb)
   You need windows media player
   You can see my others animations (or videoart) from [here (my website)](
   PS.Feel free to correct my poor english, I will only thank you for that! CIAO


hi guy,
great job!!!
i like very much this style :wink:
give me updates
see you
bye bye :thumbsup:


Great work!! Its a bit slow in the begining, and hard to watch, but once you get into the style of it, it really works…HAha I love the bird who hops from one fencepost to another… So original…

I would love to see a high res version…



thanks alot! I’m happy that You like… this work is a bit different from traditional cg animation, I believe… and It takes a while to understand and appreciate!


thank you so much for this kind of usage of 3D technology!

I love it! it makes me think of the books “brave new world” by huxley and very much: “transfer” by stanislav lem. if you don´t know that book, you should read it. you and mr. lem have some quite similar visions in their mind…

does anybody know other examples of alternative, art-like styles craeted with cg software?




I really enjoyed your style…The music really fit the piece making it quite an odd experience… It is so unique and bizarre :applause:


thank You! I’m getting those books… Thank You for the tip!Once I read, I’ll let you know what I feel about… Since everyone else criticized the music, I’m really happy someone liked! The thing that people don’ t understand is that this is not “a short movie”… this shouldn’t be “nice” and liked by everyone…Thank You ! Really!:bounce:
… about cg art used in “alternative-artistic” way, I always worked in this direction(You can check my other works)… even if Giocattoli Futuristi is maybe my “best production”… It took quite long time to finish it (actually, It would have taken much more to finish in the way I wanted). It will be hard to continue in this direction, even If I really love doing this stuff! Hope to get some founds… let’s see:shrug:


Hello… I’m tryng to find the books you suggested,olf, but i’m only finding german versions… do You know if they have been translated?
I would love to improve my style for next short I’m tryng to make… wich software do You suggest? (for unrealistic paint-like 3d) ? thanks alot!
Thank You


hey kurageart,

have look at what wikipedia says about stanislav lem:

i’m not shure if the book I talked about, “Transfer” was translated in italiano. But there are other science fiction books by lem, maybe you can check out one of those. I’ve read only “Transfer” (in original: “Powrót z gwiaz” (thats polish, i think…)). Lems discriptions of the buildings of the future reminded me of your visions, maybe they are similar in his other books…

aldous huxley’s “brave new world” (il mondo nuovo) should be translated into italiano, it’s a classic!

check out


hope this helped!

(I love wikipedia!)

best wishes,


hello! I m preparing a new film, called Odysseus-Nobody, about the figure of Odysseus.
I’m still thinking witch style would be the most appropriate.
Do you think something like Giocattoli futuristic would fit, or it would be better to use something more “organic”? (like the new paints- experimentation i’ ve made)?

I’m really open to every suggestion!
Also, If any of You have an idea on how to get a payed job, for me , or wanna hire me, or propose any project, that would be really welcome.
I know that comics superheroes they work for free, but they usually have some solid business at theyr back (like batman).


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