Gio Nakpil


Hey Gio, post anything related to your book work here.


hello all! ill currently be in toronto for my sis’ wedding from the 11th of sept to the 28th, after which i should start posting some progress on my creature for the book.

hope all is well with everyone!


No problem Gio. Did you see Cesar’s suggestion of Frank Gravatt as the third author?



Frank would TOTALLY KICKARSE. In my opinion, he’s the best creature modeler out there whose works not many people have seen (being that he doesnt have a website and all).



doodling in both clay and in mudbox, trying to discover the design of the character i have in mind. ill expand later on the story of the character…for now just wanted to upload an image just to get this thread going.


Hey Gio,

The image doesn’t look like it made the trip. :slight_smile:

I’m waiting to hear back from Frank, but it’s all looking pretty exciting now!



Hello all,

I’ve finally made some headway with my stuff for “Character Modelling 3”. I was able to come up with a creature I am happy with in terms of using it to demonstrate the things I want to cover. I plan to touch on a lot of sculptural concepts as it pertains to my process of fleshing out a creature from paper to clay to 3d software.

I did a quick clay sketch of this critter below. After I was happy with the volumes, I then proceeded to go to mudbox to rough out this sketchy maquette:

After I was happy with the character in the 3D sketch phase, I then proceeded to further refine the sketch into a tighter maquette. This below image is still a work in progress. I am making sure that all the forms are as tight as they can be before tricking the critter out to hell with pore/wrinkle/vein detail. The split upper lip is actually a curtain that makes way to his retractable upper palete. Once its mouth is fully open and gums pulled outwards, it should reveal all sorts of nasty :slight_smile:

Here is another view…

Here is one model I will use as an example for some stuff I want to talk about on shape exploration and learning to take human atomy and make something alien/weird out of it. Still very much a wip.

Hope all is well. Happy Holidays!


PS. Daniel…not that it matters in this forum, but I just want to make sure that the spelling of my last name in your file is spelled NakPil rather than NaPkil. I’d hate to have the wrong spelling make it in the book heheh. If there is a way to change my login, it would be appreciated…if not, its cool.



Hi Gio,

That’s some amazing stuff right there!

Looking forward to seeing it all explained.



Sorry about getting your name wrong. I’ll make sure it’s correct everywhere I see it now. :slight_smile:


no worries daniel. its a hard one to get right. its even harder when you have to pronounce it heheh.


here’s my latest…

planning to get this maquette done by next week so i can retopo it with separate inner mouth, eyes, nails, etc. i plan to show the mechanics of how the mouth works in discussing a little bit of jaw anatomy and what exactly happens when the jaw opens (referencing lions, etc). the bulk of the tutorial will talk about how i approach the design and sculpt…lots of sculptural concepts to touch on! should be fun.


Looks brilliant Gio. Would be great to get a few photos of you working on the maquettes. Would make great illustrations for your interview section.


Gio your sick! great stuff…

Paul Fedor


hey paul,

thanks man. i’ve reworked this critter since (due to the fact that i wasnt happy with
the base anatomy). i feel better about him now, which is good since i can move on
to working on the tutorial.

the stuff you guys are doing for essence looks cool. can’t wait to see the finished works
from everyone.



here’s the bust of the creature…i’ll focus on how to detail it in the book…


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