GIMP forum?


What about a forum for The GIMP? There’s one already for Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter, but unfortunately not one for The GIMP. A seperate forum for it would be quite nice and also particularly handy for questions, sharing scripts, plug-ins, imagery or those that are new to The GIMP and would like to find out more about it.


Er… that would be Corel Painter… a very different app from PhotoPaint.

If you want this to get some feedback I suggest you edit the post and add a poll… “yes”, “no”, “not right now” would probably be good options in it. As for Gimp… If I didn’t already have more than enough seats of PS, then I would definitely be for it, so “not right now” would be my answer.


Typo, when I think of “Corel” and “Paint” I usually think of Photopaint. I’ve corrected my original post.

If you want this to get some feedback I suggest you edit the post and add a poll… “yes”, “no”, “not right now” would probably be good options in it.

A poll? Good idea.


Hi, I’m a Gimp user.
Well, I always wondered to make this same poll myself.
Gimp sooner or later will be here.
Maybe it is not still its time.
But those propietary 2D software should have their free natural alternative, The GIMP, like the propietary 3D apps face right now.
My vote: Yes, of course. Lovely Gimp.




Hell Yeah!!

We should probably also have a Film Gimp forum…


I also use GIMP, PS, and others, but I don’t hink a gimp forum is going to happen. The reason I say this is because GIMP isn’t used by enough artists to warrent it. Working in a produciton setting, Photoshop is just faster and easier, not to mention stable. GIMP is a fantastic program, but most I talk to are put off by the multi-window form the softwqare takes. Most of the artists I talk to here use Photoshop, and the Corel software. good luck though. :slight_smile:


Um, last time I checked Adobe Photoshop had a window system too. I imagine that all of you graphics guys are running two monitors anyway, or at least you should be. Even when I’m working in M$ I drag all those tool windows to my second monitor, so I don’t have to keep moving my subject around.

Gimp is the tool for people that already know computer languages like Python, Perl, Ruby, etc., who are intelligent enough to make their own tools when the stock software has limitations. I’m sure there are equivalent methods to do this in Photoshop, but I doubt one can use a well-known (and documented) language.


Hi there, I like Gimp, I used a lot of software and that one is very cool!. I’ve used it on linux before with my old graphire tablet. Now i’m with mac and I can’t use my intuos 3 with gimp with pressure enabled :cry:, but it’s a very good program after all, and FREE!.

Btw, anybody knows how to enable the pressure under osx?.



:buttrock: nothing more to say


I need it!


I think Gimp and Cinepaint are two similar to have two different forums, they should share the same forum, else you would have a lot of useful information that applies to both programs split in two different forums.
As for the idea, I think is great! :applause:


if userbase is the problem, why not have an “other” category.


That, too, would be a good solution.

I am a GIMP user as well (I really can’t afford any other program at the moment - and in the foreseeable future), so I would be strongly interested in such a forum.


First of all I think that statement is a bit too broad, and a bit insulting. Secondly I’m pretty sure the Photoshop SDK uses C++.

Personally I think gimp is for people who care more about the philosophy of their applications than the functionality. I think gimp will eventually become stable and friendly enough for mass adoption. Until then, photoshop is so cheap, it raises the question “Why limit myself in that way?”. Gimp’s modularity and customization right now is also its downfall because it doesn’t do the basics well. “I can’t resize a brush? I have to choose a new brush? But I liked my old brush I just want it bigger.”

Myself: Not right now. Maybe in 5 years.


I agree with the suggestion, I think it’s about time to have a Gimp forum :slight_smile:


I’m against.

Gimp is not a professional software - this is a professional forum …

Why not at the same time have an Artrage forum and that other software which looks like Painter ?

I seriously think that only professional software should be represented on these forums.


I don’t think that’s the point. What defines a software as professional or not?
AFAIK cinepaint was forged from gimp just to meet some requirements that film studios needed and they do professional work.
On the other hand, there are forums for Blender and Wings3D, I doubt those are “professional tools” either.
As a third point, for the ones like me that use Linux, gimp/cinepaint is the only choice
we have.


We don’t have a Deluxe Paint forum either, and that’s the only choice for people running Workbench.

The difference between gimp and blender / wings3d is that many people who use high end 3D applicaions will bring these up for various tasks, Wings3D is an excellent modeller for example - and I’ve known people to choose it over the default tools in 3dsmax or maya.



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