Giant Concept


Hi, can I please get some feedback in regards to the concept of this. I’m going to work on polishing it.
I was trying to make his skin look a little rocky, does it look okay so far? How’s the props on his costume and the overall design?
Would love to hear your thoughts.


I think you need to provide more background information for people to be able to comment/advice etc.

But working with what you gave, yes the skin (atleast the head) gave me an impression that its either rock or ice.
regarding his costume. Everything seems intact. The only questionable thing is the unmatched scale of things. He is wearing belt with human skulls (?) and has a “scarf” made of wolf heads. If my references are correct average wolf head is abit bigger than human head, but given the whole setup, i imagine he should be wearing even bigger wolf heads, like alfa wolf heads. I imagine something like this or even bigger:
Also the skirt made of pelts, the same thing. The pelt we see in front that is whole/uncut (can’t find better words to describe it) is roughly the size of 2/3rds of human back size. Pretty sure it should be alot bigger.
And lastly if those disc ornaments on feet are shields, then once again, you need to adjust those since you have human shield reference right infront and his shield is significiently bigger.
So overall, work on scale of things.


It looks like your drawing from you head without looking at any reference. Which is fine when your developing a concept. But… If you want to bring it to the next level you really need to get yourself some reference on anatomy. Have a friend pose. Or pose a 3d model. Flip the art, see if anything looks odd. John Berkey would use mirrors to help evaluate what he was illustrating. As far as a background story. I understand the need but to tell the truth I know when I’m looking at some fantastic art. I really don’t need a background story to tell me this.


Hey guys thanks heaps for the feedback, I’ll work more on the anatomy and scale of things here :slight_smile: Sounds like I just need to keep going with. Some great detailed responses that have helped a lot so thankyou :slight_smile: