Gia, Warren Louw (2D)


Wow, this is a wonderful artwork! The face is so beautiful and the hair makes it even cuter.
You have improved a lot eversince I saw your gallery a few years ago.

This reminds me a bit of Artgerm’s style, I don’t know if you know him.

Best regards and a happy new year



wow… it’s… great!
REALLY great. :]


glamorous girl nice work welldone


What a Beautiful! I love this girl! :drool:


Wow, Very amazing piece, great job man.:thumbsup:


Congrats on your first CGChoice award! :beer:


simply WOW! 5 stars from me!


Congratulations! Beautiful style, nice colors! :applause:


very, very nice!!!


Very Well Done! I love the whole tone of the Illustration.


beautiful image and beautiful woman, got this as my wallpaper before it was selected :cool:, congrats keep up the good work :applause:.


FANTASTIC work!! I love it to the core… Keep rocking!
Happy New Year and best regards, Selwy


AndyH: Hey thanks a lot man! Yeah, i know… I dont have a credit card though, but will try make a plan somehow. thanks again =)

Dogbreath: Thank you very much! I do see what you mean. I was trying for me of an upclose feel, but know where i didnt get it spot on now. oh, I had basic guideline ref for the lighting and for the hand. thanks for commenting on her headset =)

Bloodrush: Thanks a lot for the comment! I try the hardest I can. yeah i know Artgerm. I guess it does look a bit similar. I know the headset would definitely be a factor in that too.

Anyway, thank you very much for all your comments! im blown away at how shes been accepted by everyone, and very grateful for the CG Choice Award! =)

Hope everyone had a great new years! I wish you all the very best for 2009!


Very beautiful ! :love:


As bloodrush says at first sight reminds me Artgerm works but when I see the full image I can see you style on it, great choice of colors and perspective, nice work, want to see more.


Awesome work Warren! I love it all


would love to watch a full length movie over this style…


I would marry her!


love it congrats


well it is long time scense i enter this forum .
i like it but i can’t say it is ammazing or just good .
mmmm . as you know light blue espcially on PC it is light attacion to human eye(human nature ) …
i like hair so much
generaly good work of course