Gia, Warren Louw (2D)


Title: Gia
Name: Warren Louw
Country: South Africa
Software: Photoshop

She took much longer than expected. Long enough for me to almost scrap her and start over…

Guess this artwork is going to wrap up 2008 for me here, so hope you all had a Merry Xmas and will have Happy New Year! I wish you all the very best!

• Pencils and colours done in Photoshop CS3 by Intuos 3


cartoon with real look very cool job:bowdown:


all outstanding, mainly the draw
extremely beautiful face

it’s just 5 stars


beautiful illustration



Wow - another stunning pic!

Fantastic colours and shading. Damn - i dont think ive seen a pic of yours i didnt like. You should sign up to CGsociety so you can post more pics in your gallery!


Oh my god I love her:love::love::bowdown::buttrock: Oh my … :smiley:


Awesome colors. Looks great!


Beautiful! Looks flawless.


Oh my…
I love it.
very beautiful.
nice job


Very pure and clean illustration … I love it :thumbsup:


Beatufiul image! I love the style, the atmosphere and expecially the colors… Very lovely face:love:great expression!!!


How’d I miss this? Very nice illustration. I love the soft colors that you used. The blue shadows are just charming. I also like how you used contrast in the hair, eyes and trim color of her top to draw focus to her face. Very nicely done.

Front page plug for you. :thumbsup:



The color pallette is fantastic, I especially like the fact that eventough the shadow areas are so bright it looks so harmonious and right.

Great job! :buttrock:


Really beautiful.


Congratulations. It’s a really nice style.


wow wow wow wow wow wow…

she looks so sweet! Damn! :cool: ,very good work you did here Warren! 5 stars work!


Very nice work :slight_smile:


excellent, the headphone set look very nice, I think the hand could be a little big on the first 3 fingers around hthe knuckles, hard to say. Very beautiful pic, Did you have a ref photo.


Great job. Congrats :applause:


The cool blue sets the mood of the pic perfectly. The picture overall is great, I like the hair best of all cause its so difficult for me to color hair.