Ghost Nova, Wei Jin (3D)


Title: Ghost Nova
Name: Wei Jin
Country: China
Software: mental ray, Mudbox, Photoshop, ZBrush

Here’s my latest works,Concept from Starcraft and Mass Effect.Hope you like it.


Feel free to check more here


Very stylish mash-up JinV. Really dig it. And I love the fact that she’s actually wearing armor to battle. :wink:



I like how the rendering is smooth and looks like 2D :slight_smile:


Nicely done! really like the eyes and overall style. thanks for sharing!


love the eyes

love how nothing is over done
very very cool renders :slight_smile:


I like glasses very much :slight_smile:
Cool overall look of the picture and sexy girl!


Very good! :wink:


awesome!got to say something more to fill the 10 characters need in reply, so here it is- awesome


Thank you guys!For your kind words.I appreciate it.


But where’s all the flesh to pierce this hottie with an arrow or bullet!!!??? :slight_smile: I love it. She can stab me any time. China is dominating front page today!


So envious of your skill right now.


5 Star from my side… :thumbsup:


it looks nice, i think my only critique is her waist, maybe it’s stretch abit there but everything looks nice ^^


Awesome work.
Did you mixed starcraft and mass effect concepts ?
Her glasses remembers a lot of Kai Leng’s concept


good job man …


Looks sexy but somehow I’m bound to look at her glasses because that’s a really cool accessory with those optical flares :applause:


Mmm… so nice! The second image is amazing!


lovely nice job


Thank you guys!and the highlights on the forum,it s my honor!