Ghost in the Shell Environment (UE3), Tavershima Shande (3D)


Title: Ghost in the Shell Environment (UE3)
Name: Tavershima Shande
Country: USA
Software: Maya, Mudbox, Photoshop

This scene is inspired by the classic Animated film Ghost in the Shell.

The environment was modeled in Maya, imported into the Unreal Engine as static meshes where textures, lighting, and shaders were applied.

Elements of the world were taken into Mudbox for high resolution detailing and their normals transferred to low resolution game ready meshes.

While working with the Unreal Engine I noticed you can’t bring your own Lightmaps into the editor and replace the internally generated ones without reprogramming the editor. Anyone have any luck with this?

for a video go here:

for more screens and wires go here:


This is pretty cool for realtime.


+1 I the second image looks great…more close ups and wires would be sweet if possible


cool job I like this movie and this enviroments are cool


Posting Some wires and shaded views…

for more images here’s a link.
More Screens


Overall looks nice but there are something you can look into it…

The first image looks close to Ghost in the Shell style, but from art direction point of view, maybe you can have the camera zoom in to those building details and the alley instead of have those detail built but now showing them, on the water surface maybe have osme rubbish, coke can or newspaper floating on the surface, since Ghost in the Shell was based on Hong Kong and Tokyo type of environment , those small detail will bring more life and style into the image, lighting wise try to have some overcast instead of sunny day sky. Use your camera angle to show of the details and gives it better composition, color wise looks too white in my opinion.

Second image looks pretty good, again, maybe have something on the water to show some scale, the building surface texture needs a bit more details on it ( such as bottom part of the building needs more gurnge and dirt), clothes hanging on the balcony ( Hong Kong style ) some neon signs maybe, based on your wire frame image, seems like you put a lot of details in background objects instead of have more polys in the foreground, for example in the second image the background buildings are quite high poly and your foreground is lacking of details, poly distribution maybe something you can work on , I really appreciate you put these nice images togethere and hopyfully my 2 cent opinion can help you. Cheers


Pretty good!


Thanks folks, I appreciate the feedback. I am really surprised at how many people haven’t seen this film especially since the Matrix borrowed heavily from it and it’s such a classic like Akira.

With this piece I wasn’t trying to make a still image but create it like I would a game environment for any game I was working on. The things that the player can walk right up to have the most detail and texture density while background elements are low detail. Keeping in mind I was also going to create a fly through, I made elements that the camera was going to pass by higher detail. Trash in the water would need to be dynamic and the player would need to be able to interact with it, die to Time that was avoided. I also wanted to make the world very modular. I do agree I could have beefed up the detail in certain areas more than others but I wanted to maintain the art style seen in the film since the back grounds are essentially highly detailed paintings.

Bignanfer, Thanks for the critical eye and feedback, your advice is all solid. There are some clothes hanging on the balcony but they’re hard to see from those two shots.

I also used some shots from the dvd as reference but didn’t want to just replicate the scene 1:1 I did want to keep certain elements of the original scene close to how they appeared in the film, white sky, clear water, lots of signs…etc.


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