Ghost in the Shell 2017


I think it is more a difference in art direction. The original total recall seems more a derivative of THX 1138 in some visual aspects, whereas Total Recall 2012 seems more derivative of Blade Runner. Different future style. Blade runner was made before the original total recall so that shows you the difference is more one of artistic direction and not so much tech for movie making and/or time difference between the future time being portrayed. And part of my original point is that Cyberpunk originated in America and the Anime derives from this genre and older movies have no problem with portraying various types of alternate futures very well. Minority Report being another example of this. The point being that the fact it is anime shouldn’t stop them from being able to recreate the same art style on film since it has been done already in film long ago. The only unique “signature” bits of tech being the motorized robots and exoskeletons that are hallmarks of the Masamune Shirow art style.

I need to see more since what they have shown so far doesn’t really show much in terms of the art style and tech of the world being portrayed. The tech in GITS not really being as advanced as flying cars, because most of the armor, vehicles and tech are ground based with helicopters and planes just being more souped up versions of what we have today. And the city scapes are not overly like Blade Runner and are slightly upgraded variants of cities found throughout Asia like Japan, Singapore or China today or even New York.


Definitely, we have been shown very little so far. But already enough to have some discussion. :slight_smile:

Might also interest you to note that some of the “modern contemporary” Art Decisions on the GITS anime, particularly GITS: SAC, were also down to product placement decisions requiring conventional Nissan cars to be used on the show, so I’m guessing they couldn’t throw the “street and city” visuals too far into the future as the Nissans would look misplaced.



Looks like they will be doing shooting in Asia so they will be trying to match the look of the Anime.


This was also my instinctive reaction to the trailer. That they are taking the Masamune Shirow books and the Mamoru Oshii animated films and using those as “Style Bibles”.

Except the casting is still “Usual Hollywood Casting Practices”.

Both approaches seem to be about minimal interpretation of the work and seem similar to Marvel Studio’s approach to adapting their own comic books and art work for films wherein, with slight design embelishment, characters places and things depicted in art work appear virtually as-is in live action.


Interesting video:



Yeah, I can feel it in my gut that the final film will “move” like this clip very often. Slow, deliberate, almost to the point of being stilted.

I’m expecting a film that looks “inspired by Mamoru Oshii”. What I don’t know is if it will be good in that form. :slight_smile:


I just thought of something. If we want the movie to have certain qualities of navel-gazing, the two directors who would be perfect for it are:

Darren Aronofsky
Terrence Malick

And the critics will either love or hate it.


I remember a few years ago Darren Aronofsky was picked up to direct Wolverine. First idea he had was changing the actor for someone shorter, more curved down rough looking guy. You know, like the comic’s Logan character. He was out of the project pretty quick, Hollywood is not ready for less than stellar looking actors.

I could only dream of Aronofsky directing GITS, it would be an absolute dream. This guy can manage philosophical subjects with such grace and depth. But I’m expecting Hollywood to turn GITS into an action flick.

Terrence Malick would be a bit more abstract, but the original GITS has its quota of long, contemplative, almost static zoom out and pans with misterious/creepy music. What about a collaboration between both of them? That would be quite something.


I just noticed that Ryusaki already mentioned Aronofsky–I missed that part of his post.

It seems unlikely for auteur directors to team up, unless they have always been a team.

If Stanley Kubrick was still alive, he’d be one of the top contenders for sure.


Kosinski not for GITS but because I think he is a film or two away from making the film he should make!

Needs more mileage under his belt with actors maybe… or just some fresh faces to direct… but I expect him to be a much more appreciated director than he currently has had the opportunities to show both Tron and Oblivion were Visually Unique facing challenges very few introductury directors could have tackled yet alone left a pretty unique voice to. Clearly Darrin Gilford and many in the design team deserve credit as well. My guess is Kosinski is a jazz fan with the way he thinks Give him some solid Rap for a few weeks throw him in with some new talent as far as the cast goes and he will show the world a sci fi movie we have never seen! Solid Scores/ Solid Visual/ more soul and need in the casting


Oh I’m not expecting it to happen, I was expressing a sort of “fantasy” as I believe their best aspects as directors would work wonders combined.

I didn’t think of Kubrick, another very interesting option indeed. Wish it was posible.


Here’s a new sneak peak, and another scene from the anime. It feels strange, as the 1995 anime movie had the Puppet Master as the omnipotent cyborg/android, however the live action is going with the Laughing Man, I do believe. I’m not sure if I’ll like this kind of mash up?

I’m particularly disappointed with the silly slow mo, which just ruins the scene. I would have also liked to see the headset too, pity it seems to be not a part of the invisible tech in this film. I also find the body suit kind of weird. Another thing that kind of bugged me was the background of the modern city, just doesn’t look right with the heavy CG, it’s just unrealistic.



It’s not a bad scene until you see ScarJo, and then you cringe. She’s very average-looking, not very edgy or athletic, and lacking that other-worldliness of the Major from the anime. Apologies if that sounds superficial of me but looks matter a hell of a lot in this franchise. The lead character needs to have the ability to intimidate. Now Gal Gadot from the Wonder Woman trailer, on the other hand, looks like someone you don’t want to mess with. I’m not suggesting she’d make a better Major, just that she has that certain something that Scarlett lacks - gravitas.


Mamoru Oshii says that ScarJo exceeded his expectations for the role. But then again, maybe someone was holding a gun to a basset hound’s head offscreen during that interview. :wink:



First full trailer released.



This new trailer gives me more confidence. There is more athleticism in it, and it’s nice to see some of the anime scenes recreated quite well in live-action form. I just hope there’s a walking tank battle somewhere (maybe at 2:01?).


While it looks very pleasing and they got the visual tone right, it FEELS cheap, weak and tone-deaf.

Scarlett Johansson is just wrong in that role, Batou is totally uninteresting as character without the age, the build (height) and the voice.
Its like bad cosplay.
With A++ VFX.
I hope the story will not just be an alibi to string several scenes taken from the franchise together, without an intriguing plot, but with lots of mindless action.
But i expect exact that.

PS: Where is the beautiful music? The suit looks bad and cheap and the fight choreography in that water scene is bullshit.




I’m kinda glad they aren’t making a live action copy of the anime. Having said that, this can be blade runner-good or ultra violet-bad.

And since I love DM, it gave me the chills :smiley:


The power of the original movie was in the atmosphere, IMO it’s no doubt the most Tarkovsky-like anime. Where the original was elegant and moody, this just looks tacky. Looks like there might be some interesting character design on peripheral characters though.

Looks like they whitewashed what seems to be the entire cast with the exception of Aramaki (Beat Takeshi was an interesting cool casting choice). You could say that in an android world that doesn’t matter, but ethnicity and race are a big deal in TV series and the movies. Even if you ignore that, the idea that Japanese people would all decide to look white if they had the choice of appearance is straight up offensive.