GHEMBEL, Kian kiani (2D)


Name: Kian kiani
Country: Iran
Software: Photoshop

This illustration made in my free times in recent vacations , " GHembel " ( my too hungry friend ) usually a jar of jam made him mad , i worried about his nice hand .

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Hehe, GHembel is very cute…nice character concept, i also love the small story you have created behind this scene…keep it coming…:thumbsup:


cool style man, I love it! :bounce:


very nice work. The character looks very cute.


:thumbsup: crazy frog ))) great character :applause:


hi kian very nice image. good dimension and concept.

Congratulations for growth you. keep it.


Thanks for all Comments.:slight_smile:


I like it ! Very cute indeed :wink:
Keep the good work rolling.


kian i can see some of sketch from this work in later post. thanks.:slight_smile:


Cool style. I like it very much :slight_smile:


funny character :wink:


Wow! Great style, very nice character design! Great work man! :thumbsup:


it’s great.
funny character
i like it


thanks for all comments .:wavey:
hi dear ali thank from comment in later post i puting sketch and stuff from ghembel .


I look at its eyes and I can’t stop laughting. Very cool man! JAJAAJ love colors and light also.


Hey dude. you know what? That’s one of the fanniest Ghembel"! that I’v ever seen. yo ma men.


lol… he looks soo funny, great work! :applause:


Thanks for comments .
it’s my sketch for my dear Ghembel


[left]very unique and original style.
i love it!
congrats :slight_smile:


Great design!!! Awesome! :arteest: :applause: