ghassemfarhany sketchbook


hi every one
finaly i decided to post my shetches here in this thread .
as you see my drawing is not bad but iha
hi every one
finaly i decided to post my shetches here in this thread .
as you see my drawing is not bad but ihave big problelems with coloring
so here we gooo
here a mono color sketch that idid it in ps …the title is(dont kill him)

and heres another one just want to show the light source and shadows


colored sketch just want to have dynamic shoot
and agressive face…!


Hello, Ghasem.

I like the first sketch though there is some question on what is happening with the ground beneath him. The one thing I might suggest for the second one is rethinking the lighting on the foreground figure. He looks like he is hiding, but there is little around him and he seems rather lit…he is also not grounded…appears to be floating.

I look forward to seeing more.


thanks im realy appreciate that. thanks alot.i will fix them
but right now i have problems in posting my work???


What problems are you having? I’m gone for a while, but I’ll try to answer if someone else hasn’t by the time I get back.



pencil gray marker and custome ps brush… skull swamp!
pencil drawing and some value cloring in ps !winged demon


I like those sketches. :slight_smile:



another one


I enjoy your pencil drawings the most. Something feels odd about the paintings. The dynamics are good though.


Niec stuff! I think you’ll like the comunity at ever posted there, seems like your thing.

Anyway like the designs and the extreme poses have promise, nice going.


yusuf: thanks man
jan: thanks man .no i never post there .but if you say so i will try .thanks alot


pencil work and a little colorrimg in ps
fast sketch done in ps


another grayscale just want to have dynamic camera angle
another penci woork


another done in photoshop:rolleyes:


another one done in ps hope you like it


Very nice talent you have in drawing…:slight_smile:
keep going.:bounce:


thanks man .im realy appreciate that
any comment critique or suggestion that help me to improving???


another sketch just for fun


an ancient iranian hero


another sketch