Getting start with 3D (Need pieces of advice)


Hello, guys!
I’ve got a question to you. I know you have a huge knowledge of 3D and I will do morenrhan appreciation if you give me a little help. So, to start with, It’s my intention to be a great 3D program user. Well, I have started using Blender and I’m not a total noob, but I haven’t yet learned things up to intermediate level either. What I want to know is, how long will it actually take for me to be a kind of 3D animator/modeller just like this guy in the video? ? It’s my dream to be able to make 3D short animation and I’ve also got plenty of ideas, so I have a big motivation. What sources should I use? Should I start learning Blender entirely first? I’m planning on teaching myself. If I were one (3D animator already), how long would it take for me alone to create the screening like it is in the vid? Thank you lots and lots in advance. Also


Any help?


In my case it took me seven years to get a job as junior.

Learn to model like in the shown video should be possible in half a year with enough practice.
If you have a mento it will get you even faster. But you need to model every day and on weekends.
There is no magic tutorial or book. Its like learning to play a violine. Only practice will get you there.

But learning animation in parallel is really hard. I would focus first just on modeling. I know only a hand full of Animators that are able to model that good. For animation you also need a lot of practice. Time is the limiting factor. If you dont work hard every day you end up like me and it will take seven years. :smiley:

Here is a good advice from Feng Zhu.
Modeling and Aniation is similar to drawing. You need the same kind of passion to learn it.


It might take about 10-15 years to be able creating such a video by yourself, story excluded.
If it sounds a bit frustrating, let’s add approximate numbers.
2-3 years for basic modeling skills, plus some texturing and rendering.
3-4 years to become a good character modeler. This includes studyting anatomy, character design.
1-2 years for rigging and animation basics.
2 years for a school like animationmentor to get a solid animation foundation.
Then another year for finessing lighting and compositing skills.
A couple of years for concept design.
And yet you need to make a living all those years. But let’s hope you find some work, which pays the bills, for example working as a freelance artist.
And then you made the movie, and you are in your 40’s, and nowhere rich or famous. Though such a reel will give you some perspective jobs, maybe as a lead.


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