Getting ready for Hong Kong


Got your registration for SIGGRAPH Asia 2011? The next step is accommodation and then learning a little about getting around the city. If you have any further tips for out-of-towners, please drop it in here.

I happened upon the Octopus site which is the public transport ticket in HK. Can be bought on your arrival and includes a return from and to the airport. Thought this might assist.

We have a vaguely similar system in Melbourne but in no way is it as good as Hong Kong’s Octopus, which is constantly held up as the best example of transport ticket.


thx alot Paul…

its gonna be my 1st time there and this will be VERY helpful :slight_smile:



HI Paul thanks heaps,

There are a ton of Youth Hostels around the city as well if people can’t afford a hotel…if CG Society needs an extra pair of hands to help out, take photos, interviews…etc…please let me know I’d be very happy to help out as I’ll be heading there as well for the first time.

If anyone wants to meet up, please pm me to request for my mobile number.

Lazius Kaye
In Beijing


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