Getting depth pass and 2.5D layers


I’m trying to get the seamless tiling 2.5D workflow down in ZBrush, but I’m having trouble getting my depth passes to come across correctly (using ZappLink like in here: . It comes across as almost entirely white, barely any data. There is clearly depth though when I make my normal map and render out with materials and such. Is there any way to somehow get the zdepth back to working?


Nevermind, I figured it out! Apparently I displaced my layers in the Z direction so much that ZBrush couldn’t get any depth info. My solution was to make a new default plane in a new layer and then DisplaceZ again on the broken layer until it passed through the new plane (that would be about 0 depth) and then merge the two passes together. Like here:


Thanks for the info ! :applause:


looks like you took a image that appears to have depth and you put it on a plane 3d.
the link you posted showed 2000 polys with high detail and depth, it’s just a illusion,
you grab the plane depth.
look at your image you posted where it says >depth 1953523012
its the same depth when you use mrgbz grabber on a 3d plane.
i get the same depth numbers as your posting when i grab the 3d plane with or with out texture on the 3d plane.

dead give away was your showing a lot of depth and high detail with only 2000 polys on the link you posted