Getting better results with maya fluid fire.


Hello everyone.
I have been playing around with Maya fluids lately because I can’t use other software on my current project. I feel like I get better results out of Houdini using pyrofx, but I think it can be done in Maya.

Maya is a huge pain when dealing with fluids because you have to sim, tweak, upres, sim, tweak, upres… n-1, n.

I wanted to post my file and a video and see if others might have some suggestions. I have seen a lot of simulations using Maya fluids on this forum, and I have to say that the best I have seen come from Mathieu Chardonnet (

Anyway here is the vid:

I look forward to hearing from some of you.


(delete the cache on my scene file)


The attachment function isn’t working at the moment so I will post the scene file later today.


i would say that your movement is good you now need to play with your transparency and incan ramps. I always have to tweak the heck out of those to get a realistic flame look.

And yes the demo you posted has some very good fluid fx on it, I would say that he has pushed maya fluids about as far as anyone could… inspiring!

good luck on your sim


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