getting an array of emitters



I have a group of Rigid bodies that have been baked and I want to emit particles from bodies via a surface emitter, but I want only want the emitter to emit if the RB reaches a specified velocity.

My problem is collecting the emitter objects and adding them to an array.

At the moment I am selecting all of my polygon objects which have surface emitter nodes attached to them then running this line;

string $Test[] = ls -sl -dag -exactType emitter;

to get an array of my emitters, but I get the error unknown object type:

This method works when I want to create an array of rigidBodies, so I’m guessing that I’m not calling my emitters in the correct way or, they cannot be called this way!

Any help would be greatly appreciated.




try this out on your selection:

ls -showType;

See what types you get on your emitters.


Thanks alot man,

That did the trick.

Take it easy,



You’re welcome :wink:


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