getting a ring to sit flat on a curved surface


Noob and a Student…so please be kind. I have a ring shape ( from a curve that was then revolved) that i need to have sitting on a curved surface and i just cannot get it to work out. I’ve tried a lattice deformer, making the surface live, then drawing a circle and doing an extrude - which looked horrible, trying to manually move verts… and i’m just not hitting the mark on this. Image1 shows where i need the area in the green circle to “sit” where the arrow is pointing.
Image2 is a perspective view to get a better understanding of the problem. Think of a ring trying to sit “flat” against a curved surface
Obviously the ring would not sit “flat” but follow the contour of the surface. I’m sure the answer is siting right in front of me. I searched the forums, but did not find anything that could assist.
Any pointers would be appreciated! :slight_smile:


Apply a bend deformer from animation>create deformer> non linear> bend and adjust the attr there to get the required.


Thanks! That’s it…geez such a simple solution. Well we all start somewhere. :slight_smile:


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