Getting a head model


I know that “Modeling” is the least visited section of the forum, but anyway : can someone please share the model of an average anatomically correct human head ? Low-poly, 2k and less. I cannot quite gather the correct topology flow for the corners of the mouth and eyes, thus the need to rotate the actual finished model on my screen for understanding.


check out ben mathis site
he’s a low-poly game artist and will have everything you need to know right there.


Nope, he doesnt have what i need to know. In the two head modeling videos that he has there - he doesnt model the features i’m interested in.


well there’s a head model as well as two whole human models [including the head] included in the new zbrush :slight_smile:


Thats costy just for a model. Not to mention ZBrush doesnt have much to do with correct topology…


:surprised yes and their topology tools are there just for fun…:rolleyes:

well go to 3d total they have freebies :slight_smile:


yes and their topology tools are there just for fun…

Well, duh ! What good are retopology tools, if i dont know the correct topology in the first place ?

Actually okay, you’ve convinced me, send your copy of ZBrush3 my way, and i’ll use it. :slight_smile:

well go to 3d total they have freebies :slight_smile:

D’oh ! I forgot they have more than tutorials. Thanks for reminding me.
Although there is only one model of sufficient quality, the rest want a software i dont have.
Lips - check.
Now to find the eye corners.


theres whole Topology research thread


well what I was saying was don’t state that zbrush has nothing to do with good topology 'cause it does! And it’s weird to be making statements like that anyway when at the same time you admit to know little of good topology in the first place!
you were looking for help and suggestions but given those you are being sarcastic - don’t know if help and suggestions will be coming your way in the future if you continue on that path! :shrug:


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