Gettin Too Old For ThisS, Antone Magdy (3D)


Title: Gettin Too Old For ThisS

Name: Antone Magdy

Country: Egypt

Software: zbrush maya vray photoshop Topogun

Submitted: 18th August 2015

Hey Guys,

I have been working for a while now , as usual Zbrush for sculpting and detailing , used maya and vray for rendering and shading , topogun was used for retopo .

this is based on a concept by Jonathan Fletcher

hope you like it, cheers!!



thought of sharing clay render and screengrabs from zbrush as well for those interested , and I forgot to mention I used yeti for the hair

any crits or comments are always welcomed , thank you :slight_smile:


Another great job Antone. I love him! :smiley:


Excellent work Antone.


He looks likes my dad! :slight_smile:


AJ : thank you so much :smiley: glad you like it !! :smiley:

Dillster : thank you

ian27 : :smiley: hope this is a good thing !! :smiley:

closeup and breakdown for the hair if anyone is interested


Such an awesome job Antone !


thank you Juan :smiley: means alot :beer:


Simply Bellissimo


I like this one a lot! Not much more to say. Great style!


Fabri17 , PeterKvarnstrom Thanks guys :smiley: :beer:


Amazing …!!!"


thank you so much


Man, I expected Danny Glover! Still pretty awesome man, I like the style!


Very nice detail…!! :keenly:


Amazing detail you have going on there. :thumbsup:


thanks alot guys :smiley: :bounce: :beer:


Love the concept of flesh with a geometric shape! Very creative and beautiful!

Were you inspired to do this style by some other artist or image? I ask because I’d love to see more in this style!