getOpenFilename locks folder


Could someone validate some strange behavior I’m seeing (3dsmax 2017)

Make the file “C:\New folder\test.txt”

Then run:

getOpenFilename filename:@"C:\New folder\test.txt"

If press OK you now can’t delete, move or rename “New Folder” (manually in Windows Explorer or with code) - until you close 3dsmax. The file itself isn’t locked, just the folder.

If press Cancel you can delete, move or rename “New Folder”

I’ve since switched to using a dotnet open file dialog and it’s fine, I’ve just never seen this behavior before. Never had this order of operation until now, but it could also be 3dsmax 2017 which we switched to a little while ago


close file


I’m not opening the file to begin with, so there is nothing to close…