Get the World-Position of an Object that's parented..



is there any way how I can get the World-Position from an Object that’s parented to a Bone…???

The Translation don’t changes anymore if I rotate the bone where my Locator is parented to, so I can’t use the Translation to get the position…

Ah… and I can’t / won’t use MEL Command (I know… with MEL it’s no problem)… because I need this to do a Connection between two nodes and don’t want a Script node between this…



have a squiz at a locator’s shape node attributes, and you should be pleasantly surprised. :slight_smile:
otherwise, have a look at vectorProduct node that has point matrix operations as one of it modes.


Guess the decomposeMatrix plug-in that ships with Maya would be the best solution. Just connect the child object’s worldMatrix to the decomp node’s matrix input and it will output world space translation, rotation and scaling.



Why won’t point-constraining a world-space locator work for this? I’m just curious… it’s hard to tell what exactly you’re doing from the way you describe this.

– Mark


Point or Parent contraints will do the trick.


Hi AyaKoshigaya,

if you don’t want to use mel to query the worldspace position you can e.g. use the “boundingBoxCenter”-attribute of the object… (if it’s going to be used as output for the input to another object)… :slight_smile:





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