Get text file for Curvature


Hello everybody.
I’m able to read the curvature of a U Value of a curve with curvInfoNode, but what i’m looking for is to create a text file where for each CVs get the Curvature or something like that.
For instance a curve with 100 CVs and 10 meters longer and for every cv i have the XYZ coordinates and the curvature radius (cr) itself.
Is there anybody help me?



Which language?


Thanks Haggi to reply.
The language is what you prefer. I have no hint because i’ve not programming knowledge. So what you prefer is my Hint to you. MEL, Python if it would be running inside Maya.



HI, its a little bit late, but some time ago I created something which might be related to your question. In python you can utilize the json module.
So what the script in maya does, is storing the UV Values where a point touches the surface for every frame of an animation inside a .json file. Later on you can do all sort of things with this list…for example I created an animated Image sequence with module named PIL,… unfortunately I couldn’t get it to work inside maya, so did it in a second script. So if the code exmaple just let me know.