Get selection from instanced Unwrap_UVW modifier


I’m trying to find a way to get the selected UVs for a Unwrap UVW modifier thats been applied to several meshs at once, but the command getSelectedVertices() doesn’t seem to have a way to specify the node and so its only getting the selection from one mesh. So basically this is where I’m at:

uwUVW = Unwrap_UVW()
spA = Sphere segs:64 name:#testA isSelected:on
spB = Sphere segs:64 name:#testB isSelected:on
spA.pos = [-30,0,0]
spB.pos = [30,0,0]
addmodifier spA uwUVW
addmodifier spB uwUVW

max modify mode
select #(spA, spB)
subobjectlevel = 1

spA.modifiers[1].setSelectedGeomVertsByNode #{740..745} $testA
spB.modifiers[1].setSelectedGeomVertsByNode #{540, 600} $testB

uwUVW.getSelectedVertices() as array --Gets verts from only one of the two what?


getSelectedGeomVertsByNode has.


Not quite the same thing. getSelectedVertices() returns the UV indexs, while getSelectedGeomVertsByNode returns the main vertice indexs.