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intercommunion …
I’m chinaese…Softimage in china user very very some.


I’m a CG student from switzerland. Feel free to contact me.

ICQ: 82073105


I know how frustrating it can be when you get stuck learning a new software…feel free to im me if I’m on.




Hey mine is here



and my mail is:


Just IM me - if you feel like it…


Languages: English, German



Using Softimage since 1995…


feel free to contact me


as if this shit has ever worked :smiley:


i have a new icq number: 205-724-901 .feel free to contact me.




otherwise I am in the unofficial #cgtalk irc chat channel as Jaspre.



I’m mainly a game modeler from Poland, switched to XSI about a year ago.

feel free to contact me if You want :slight_smile:

gtalk: michalputo (at) gmail . com
msn: michalputo (at) hotmail . com
icq: 297911198


i’m in,



I’m game.

Been using XSI for two years, used Maya for a few months (didn’t like it much though). I’m more of an animator than anything else, and I like challenges.

MSN: the_darkness_dragon (Just add the @)

I’m not on like 99.99% of the time, so e-mails work best for me.

  • A.


i’m in too

when u add me to ur list let me know ur Xsi user so i can add u to that group thax :slight_smile:


Currently working on a piece of artwork, using XSI the first time! (Nearly finished, waiting for C&C)

MSN: {MSN works but email void}


Well, sounds interesting. Just got XSI 3 days ago and used 3ds max and Animation master (certified to teach) in the past.

I look forward to chatting, that is, if anyone ever adds anyone on this thread


Just ordered xsi.

Ive been a lightwave user and Leigh convinced me to change over.

Working in Games Dev at the moment as an environmental artist.

Simon (at) machinestudios (dot co (dot) uk


Scott Kingston

ICQ: 8324746
MSN: xsilover at
Yahoo: vfxscott
E-mail: swkingston at


My company is pushing me to learn more XSI… Hope to keep in touch with you all!

Yahoo: Fookenninja
Skype: nascap10