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sounds like a plan dan…
very good I.D, shall i say…



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Hi Guys … too let … but I want to share …


I have seen this post for the longest. So today is the day I am adding my info here. I will be adding you guys to my msn im account as well to yahoo im. &


Huzzah, I look forward to harassing many of you msn people in the near future.

[font=Arial]By all means feel free to harass me also my msn is[/font] .


aim: softimagexsizer
email: jbell -(at)- massrender . com
location: scranton, pa


Digital Extremes Artist

Been using xsi for 3-4 months now on and off, feel free to contact me :wink: I’ll help if i can =)

ICQ: 15550362


edit: removed email address for spam reason


im testing XSI…usually i work with maya but you know…Autodesk sucks!

i recive info about maya to xsi transfer


Hello world.
I 've been working on Max for three years, but i’ve finally seen the light.:buttrock:
So if there’s anything to be shared…

mail & msn


particulary interested in exchanging ideas on new shaders and techniques to build them.


SOFTIMAGE|XSI Discussion Channel

#softimage on (mIRC)


I’m a newbie in XSI. I’ve been using MAX, but Autodesk suks!

ICQ: 269080903
MSN: [no mails please]


Hi, I am very new to XSI, actually just watching tuts and playing with the free Mod Tool version, but if I start loving xsi I’d go buy me foundation I guess. Anyway :slight_smile:


Anyone can feel free to add me, especially if you’re experienced and have time to help answering some of my newb questions :slight_smile: hehe…


hi people!!!


greetings from italy


how many pll actually get in touch … i wonder.


Makes you curious doesnt it?



Started on Softimage 3D all most 10 years ago (back when XSI was code name Sumatra).

Here’s my contact:

MSN: beppihimer



And if you need some assist for modeling and dynamics(simulation), you can mail me