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he guys,

experienced in 3dsmax (3 years), XSI (2 months)

icq : 213-574-191


Hey, here is my msn:
(french & english)


Here’s me…

Experienced with Max, Intermediate with XSI

MSN >>

YAHOO >> thewestlifer


I’m now using SOFTIMAGE|Behavior2.0 to do the crowd simulations in a movie. I’d like to share my experience with those who also use Behavior and I hope we can solve our problems together. My MSN:
Free to make friend. :slight_smile:


removed my IM contact


ok for some spam reason:

a_stormy_night @

(no space between and after @)
like i said “for spam reasons”

Just in case: i follow +5.5 GMT


great idea,

my ICQ: 171879941



Hi everybody

This is my msn account

im xsi,aftereffects animator in turkey/ankara


I am a lightwave user. And just discovered the XSI. Thats realy beautiful.
I am from Turkey.
i am at:




:):thumbsup: it’s a wonderful idea! would be just great to get in touch with other XSI users.

       (i jumped out of the MAX ship a month ago ....and...joined the shiny one of  XSI :love:)



i am softimage |XSI user and



Contact me anytime, I have been on xsi for 6 month, but my general 3d knowledge is, i think, big enough to help, if need be… (max, maya user too) haaa no don’t hurt me! :slight_smile:


MSN ::


Hey, here is mine. I am going to love being an XSI user. Used maya, MAX, and Lightwave

AOL: XanarXmorixius19


Hello everyone…

I would consider myself an advanced beginner who studies XSI on a daily basis (since 3 months, i think). I would be happy to help with any problems if i can.



Hey, I’m also an advanced beginner! :stuck_out_tongue: In the 6 months I’ve used XSI, I’ve had a couple people contact me asking about my projects and my methods. It’s great to help, and learn something in exchange.

My AIM is: GrindonitX


hey all,

great idea




I’m not an expert but would be interested in talking with other users.

ICQ: 338-698-413


Icq = 212385310


hi guys, me is coming from germany.

speaking german and english

my icq: 342-337-611

or on quakenet irc : #xsi (german/english) or #softimage (english)

feel free to join.