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Hope to get off EXP wagon into real XSI realm as soon as I find a way to purchase it.



AIM: wackychamber

im a Beginner in XSI…


Just found skype, quite neat. ICQ:211569394 Skype:z.u.r.a.k


Woah msn is snowed under! Sorry, gotta remove myself… always answer email though :slight_smile:

#65 – msn
I am learning, so am afraid if you add me, am only gonna pick your brain


This seems to be a good idea.

Have played with XSI since version 1 so I might be of help in some cases.

ICQ - 152-220-561


better late than never eh

icq: 3626764

AND I AM LOOKING FOR WORK!! </shameless whoring>


I am a softimage user!!!my msn:


here’s me:

icq: 33645229



Hey guys!

Switching to XSI from Maya! Getting there!

email and MSM:
ICQ: 14154023

Skype: The_Pilchard

Rock on! :slight_smile:



I am a former Softimage 3d user made the change to 3dsmax and xsi 1.5 for years, now using both max and xsi 3.5 (recently). Also used to model in lightwave 3d and a little maya knowledge.
msn :

I speak english and spanish.



Im working as a 3d-artist in Denmark at a post production fasility and just changed from max to xsi

i could use some tips & tricks



My MSN is obi_wan777AThotmailDOTcom.

I’m online for most of the day. (at least, my day. :p)


welllll why not, eh?

ok don’t laugh…


yeh yeh i know… naff… i signed up with this account at least 4 years ago and I was a huge fan of the movie “Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels”.




ICQ 351-006
I am advanced XSI user, mainly character animator, but I can help with rendering/modelling/general as well.


how did i miss this 0o

msn :


New XSI user here …but why not …MSN




Im a n00b too, XSI is better than Maya and Max. Used all 3 now and XSI has impressed. Not done a lot of 3D work but XSI has changed that. Updated me profile with the required.


yet another newbie :slight_smile:
msn: ahadoff(at)hotmail(dot)com