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Malcolm Zaloon - creator.
Lightning TD - Scripter

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Well, my name is Marcus i’m a 3ds max user, and as you can see, this is my first post at CGTalk, i’m using XSI for a few weeks, and learning much slowly, so i’m here to speed the things up… let’s grow together, let’s help each other, as a community does. I’ll do my best!


Hi, I’m the only person i know irl who can use 3D programs, so it’d be cool to know more people
–short term user of Maya learning XSI

i_of_me at


Hi, my name is Gorgy from Jakarta - Indonesia…
I am new in XSI, nice to meet you guys…

my yahoo :



Hey all. Sorry this is pretty much a copy/paste from another msn thread. But info still applies :wink:

Hey kids. Like the idea behind this thread. My email is My screen name is universal to just about every forum account I have.

I’m totally completely brand new to 3d so I can’t offer help, but I can offer critiques on 2d work (particularly graphite) and I’m looking for 3d friends to help me get on the right path with my 3d self education.

If there’s anyone living in China that’d be a bonus for sure, especially if you’re from/living in Beijing. I’m from the U.S., so I speak English and I also speak a little Chinese (putonghua, sorry hong kongers, and shanghai friends) and I speak some Japanese.

::::Looking forward to getting some new contacts!::::


Karim ELgoneimy


Aol: karim368


Hey all, Im new to XSI and CG. Im a traditional artist, who has decided to branch out a little bit. If anyone is willing to answer some questions…

Im usually always online, just feel free to chat
skype ayla.radies


my e-mail is


XSI is the best :wink:
skype: cg_eye


hey whats up guys this sounds like a good idea i speak french english and portuguese so would be cool to share stuff learn new things make new friends:




Well this is excellent place…well i know softimage quite a bit so i am willing to share my understand with friends, here is my ID



I like XSI.


Wanted to post that this e.mail is owned by someone else now. He says he has been contacted a number of times and nobody thought to explain why. If you could not message this person or delete this mail it would be nice.

I’m looking to network with Face Robot people if there are any about. For little tips and tricks, I still haven’t quite nailed jaw placement yet. For instance.


n00bie to programming here. I’m currently trying to get to know what I’m doing here so me and my team of 3 and a half (the other seems rather blah) can make a video game. All of us are trying to learn the whole shebang but our jobs are eating up much of our time. Any1 willing to give a lesson or 2 would be much appreciated.


I’d like to reach out to other CG artists as well. Especially if they are in the Montreal area. My MSN is chuayou at hotmail dot com.

I’m also looking for an IRC channel to join. Anyone in a good channel these days?


Hi, I’m new XSI-Mod Tool 7.5 user, and I use Houdini beside softimage-Mod Tool
my home:


Hi, I´m going to use softimage until ICE works no more. :wink:
hehe. my email: