get folder from user


I need to get a folder path by showing up a UI widget. While there is a UIWidget named fileBrowser that can be used to get the user to select a file, I couldnt find one that returns only folder name. and the user doesnt have to select a file… does anyone know???


give the parameter a control type siControlFIlePath and then a SetAttribute(siUIOpenFile, false).

all the control type is all listed in the docs here

and the attributes for each control type is suggested there too, but here is the link for all ItemAttributes you can assign to a Parameter object:

Get used to read these things in the SDK documentation, is full of examples and things are all there.
Use the pluggin manager to connect to the SDK examples workgroup, they have lots of examples there too.


You can also use XSIUIToolkit’s “PickFolder” method to initiate a folder picking session :slight_smile:


hey… thanks for the help guys


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