Get details from high poly sculpt.


I’ve created a highly detailed head at 10millions poly, but I can’t render it anywhere as it ha very high number of polygons and the system runs out of memory or freezes. I tried creating displacement map from it in zbrush, but while UV unwrapping it, the system again runs out of memory, it takes >10gb to UV unwrap. How do I get those details?


How much memory do you actually have?
If its too low you may never actually get there.

Production workstations have minimum recommended spec just for practicality in production.


8gb of RAM and 10gb of storage.


we have 32 here and ran out of memmory on highres shots… in that case we have to jump onto our 64gb rigs…


16 Gb of RAM is pretty ‘industry standard’ as a minimum today for production work.
Many folks run much more than this!

Yes you can run less. Pixellogic say 8-BUT-prefer more for exactly what you are trying to do.
When you hit limitations you have to except them or upgrade.
There isn’t a magic memory bullet that will give you the detail you want.


SO I cant’t create a highly detailed sculpt without a 2k $ rig?


You may be able to poly-reduce your sculpt with this free tool (scroll down the page):

E.g. bring it from 10 million polys down to, say, 5 million, and then do your displacement magic.

There are other polygon reduction tools as well:

You don’t need a 2K rig. You need more RAM, and that is cheap to buy these days.


I just found this poly reduction tool as well:

Looks new and promising.


How are these softwares different from zRemesher?


They may be able to reduce your model’s polycount without breaking your system’s 8GB RAM limit.

You have 2 options really:

  1. Buy another 8GB of RAM to go up to 16GB

  2. Find a poly reduction software that can bring your polycount lower using the existing 8GB RAM you have

Does zRemesher work on your model with the RAM you have?

If not, you need to try a different poly reduction tool that MAY work withing the RAM you have.


You could render it in arnold via kick. shouldnt use more than 2-4 gb of ram…


Yes, Zremesher does the job but those high details are lost in the process.


Kick? I’ve never used a command line renderer before.


Then post your question in a Zbrush forum or buy yourself some extra RAM.

This is CG General Discussion, not a Zbrush help forum.


Will sure do