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I will keep posting the sketching pieces on my personal sketch book. ^ ^


Here are some 1 min gestures. I’m quite rusty, but I’ll consider these ‘before’ images.

Here’s a 5 min.


[left][center]Model in motion
(NERO pencil)

 2 minutes pose
                      (Pen & Water)

 2 minutes pose

         2 minutes pose
     5 minutes pose
     5 minutes pose
              More of my work from observation :  [](



Welcome to the Anatomy Forum. :slight_smile: Unfortunately, I am not able to see your images. Can you repost them please?




just a quickie, saw an old guy at a bus stop fiddling with something, couldnt see what though.
first time image post! :smiley:

hmm, sorry about the thumbnail, kinda annoying i know…


Currently I am in a life drawing for animation class in college. I have always loved life drawing and have taken classes off and on. I really want to focus on drawing to become better at anatomy and proportion. Here are some gesture sketches I created for my class.


some gestures from life drawing a few trimesters ago…used charcoal for the darker ones and pencil for the lighter drawing… the pencil one was a min long pose i think and the darker ones were probably 2mins long…


GI jay, Nyela, and noobie,

Welcome, and nice to see your work here. :slight_smile:

I did this demo from a master copy I did as part of the 50 Torsos Workshop, which I hope helps point out a few key principles to help with your drawing.

You can also see a collection of paintovers and demos here:

Paintovers & Demos;f=9;t=30

Cheers, :slight_smile:



really love the top demo


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Just did some few seconds to 1-2 minutes gestures, all in 2B Carbon Pencil. Crits please!


Hey guys, one of my favs.


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