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Here are my review comments: I think that you are doing a very decent job, particularly since you are just beginning. I am happy to see you posting your work! One thing I think you need to focus on is LENGTHENING forms. Unless you are drawing children, torsos and limbs will be much more elongated.

The key to all of this is Practice. Draw from life, books, or from Web References as much as you can, and continue to post your work for peer, not just my, review. Other peoples’ eyes can see more than we can sometimes, so having others look at our work definitely helps.

I think you should also participate in Lesson 003, too, if you have time. It is as important to learn the fine details of anatomy and skeletal / muscle features as it is to learn Gesture Drawing.

Good luck, and I hope you participate in the Lesson and post more of your work! :slight_smile:

You have through August 5th to post a drawing of a skull. :slight_smile:



here goes my sketch ^^ of a friend sitting at his PC doin some stuff. he’s supporting his right leg on the table’s shelves. i guess its kinda noobish…


I’m trying to do more gesture drawings to improve my wacom motorical skills thesedays. Here are one of these, the one i just did:

edit: another one here:


Been reading all these threads for a while now and its got me intrested in drawing again. Don’t really get much chance on my 3d course anymore. Anyway here is a drawing i did yesterday took me about 15mins I think. Speed hasn’t ever been my strongest point, it always takes me a long time even to do a sketch. Hope its ok, its done with a black pen and a white pencil. Drawing was never my strongest subject so hopefully by practicing I’ll get a better :). Doesn’t feel very gestural to the others posted, I guess i need to do what my teachers were always telling me and loosen up, I’ve always found it hard though.



Drake_Stormrage and vikkie,

Cool work!! Glad to see you guys posting here! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work! :slight_smile:


Great work, thanks for posting here! Indeed, the fight to keep work both loose and gestural, and tight and detailed simultaneously is the figurative artist’s eternal struggle! I think that you are doing a great job and should continue to post your work!

I am happy to announce that my good friend Hong Ly will be providing us with excellent photographs of models for a new drawing thread called “Open Figure Drawing Workshop”, in which photos will be posted from which we can all draw. This thread will be opening soon, so stay tuned!!!



Here’s my try:

Done with Alias SketchBook Pro 2.
I’m getting better results with pen and paper, unfortunately I don’t have a scanner to show.



These are really nice gestures! I would just say to really emphasize those Opposing Curves to really get the rhythm of the figures going. Thanks for posting these! :slight_smile:



Thanks Rebecca! I’m struggling with the opposing curves, but I’ll do my best ;).
Here’s today’s line-up:


Alias SketchBook, 2-3 mins each pose. all based on photos from web. Trying to use Paul Sheldon´s technique on gestures. I´m slowly getting closer and understand it more and more (I guess:D )



These are coming along nicely! There are a few problems to address, but I think that you as well as others on this forum will be interested to know that soon a new thread devoted to Figurative Drawing (be it Gestural or otherwise) called “Open Figure Drawing Workshop” will be posted, so definitely stay tuned!!

My good friend Hong Ly has graciously agreed to allow us to use his excellent photographs of models to be used as reference. Hong and I will be posting different photographs on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Hopefully, there will be many interested in coming to the thread to draw in their chosen style and medium! :slight_smile:


These are really cool sketches as well, thanks for posting them! I hope that you will join us for the “Open Figure Drawing Workshop” when it opens soon. :slight_smile: I like the look nad feel of Alias Sketchbook Pro, but be careful about getting carried away with the slickness of the surface. Part of what I miss in tablets is the feeling of paper whose texture tends to slow artists down and forces them to consider in a tactile way what stroke they will be placing next. I test drove some of the new Wacom tablets at SIGGRAPH and they were awesome! They get better and better, but I wonder if they can somehow implement a textured feel to the drawing surface. Anyhoo, thank you for posting these, and I hope to see more of your work! :slight_smile:



When? when? when? :buttrock:



Hopefully tomorrow. :slight_smile: Sorry, I haven’t forgotten about you, I’ve just been a bit busy digging out of my home after I diluged it with SIGGRAPH memorabilia. :slight_smile:

I would post it now if I weren’t at work and in danger of being caught with nude photographs and having to explain to my boss that they are for “artistic purposes”. :scream:

Looking forward to your participation! :slight_smile:



this one took 30 Sec to a minute i really doubt it took a minute tho :), cant remeber exactly.
compressed charcoal on A1 newsprint
like the weight and balance in this piece myself


Here’s a quickie to participate:D


here’s what happens in the next 24 frames briefly. (feel free to delete this)



These are really cool, are you doing an animation? :) And no, I'm certainly not going to delete anything that you post! ;)


Really nice feeling of movement in this! Thank you for posting! :slight_smile:



nope, i wish i had time for an animation. or to draw something decent for that matter. I’m still working my bottomly body parts to prepare my portfolio to get in to a university here. damn these people are picky;)



What are the college entrance requirements like? Maybe we can help you out here. When would you begin school? And how stiff is your competition? :slight_smile:



well for the competition, i have no idea. every university makes you pass a series of exams. from visual perception to figure drawing to character design. I had the characther design exam today and a storyboard exam. There’s only 2 cartoon and animation degree programs in turkey btw and one of them is like toooo far from me. well i think i have a chance here and they’ll pick the best 5 people and give them full tuition scholarship which i’m aiming for. Thursday they will see my portfolio and decide if i’m in the first five people from the top. The other university, which i applied for visual communication design degree, wants a digital portfolio and they are really picky. You can check their site and exhibitions at

I’m hoping to get into a uni this year, or i’ll have to serve for the military(which every male turkish citizen is forced to after 20 years of age).
I’m planning to impress them with digital sketches, lot’s of them so they will be overwhelmed to do anything.



Seeing that Thursday is your review, it’s probably too late to do anything drastic (not that you necessarily need to) :slight_smile: but I want to wish you the best of luck, and let us know how things go.

If you want, create a thread and call it “vikkie’s portfolio” and see if you can get some quick, last minute reviews.

It would be great to see your portfolio and find out how things go.

Best of luck! :slight_smile: