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This thread is dedicated to the study of GESTURE DRAWINGS in TRADITIONAL AND DIGITAL MEDIA.

Please post your best GESTURE DRAWINGS here!


[b][u]Please post:

[/u][/b]1. Your BEST WORK!
2. Medium used
3. Time spent to complete
4. A bit about your process

Thanks in advance for your posts! :slight_smile:



Do they have to be of people…? Anatomy applies to any living thing, so I hope these are okay… Mine are dachshunds…I have two of them follow me around all day, so I draw them often. They’re easy targets, lol.
As far as gesture drawings go, I think that less is more. I prefer simple lines that capture the figure in an efficient and accurate manner. These two were made in about a minute in Painter, with quick strokes.

I like to do gesture drawings at a fast pace, with a constantly moving subject (however, my dog was being sleepy and lazy in these drawings :stuck_out_tongue: ). Being able to see a figure in motion helps you better understand anatomy than working with a still subject does, I think. I think it’s very important to know how a body moves and operates, and this understanding helps give your art more of a natural feeling to it, and avoid odd and unnatural poses.
Anyway, there we go. :slight_smile:



Hey there, we have a special place for the little guys! :slight_smile:


You are actually one of the first to post drawings of animals, and I hope not the last! I would love to see more animal drawings / paintings in this forum, so thank you for posting these :).

Have you ever tried brush and ink to do gestures? Or, if you prefer to use Photoshop, have you ever tried a Calligraphic brush? I think that you would really like experimenting with different media (either traditional or digital) to create your sensitive linework.

Thank you for posting these :slight_smile: ~ I hope you continue to post more of your work!



Yes, I’ve used india ink before. That’s really fun, but has the potential to get really messy! But I haven’t used much in Photoshop or Painter yet, I’m really new to this cg art stuff!


Hi Nebbiestar,

No worries about being new :slight_smile: ~ we all have something to learn here. Hope you post more work! :slight_smile:



Hi, here is a link to recent sketches i did, trying to apply what i saw in Rebecca “Opposing curves” thread (thanks again)…

Nice dog Nebbiestar, clear and simple :slight_smile: Here is my little dog, “Oceanne” :slight_smile: :

Comments are welcome :slight_smile:



Wow, I am really impressed with these! I really love that first one especially. I think that you would really like the drawings of one of the teachers I had, Harry Carmean. Wait a moment, I’ll try to find a link to some of his work ~ :slight_smile:


Here are some Harry Carmean links: His Drawings are better than is Paintings:
He studied at the Ecole des Beaux Artes in Paris: (Drawing) (Drawing)
(Drawing) (home page) (lots of Carmean info)

Here is a book about him listed on my Anatomy Resources : BOOKS thread:
“Carmean”, by June Harwood - Harwood / Carmean, publisher

Definitely check him out, he is a great artist who taught generations of students in California. He was also a classical singer at one point in his career (I think before studying art in Paris).

Hope these are useful :slight_smile:



whaooo !! Beautiful… I love the shading of the back (first picture)… Perfect use of opposing curves… Arf…

Thank you Rebecca for these (and for your comments ;))


hey everyone!
this is a sketch i’ve done for like 40 mins…

first i was took a piece of paper and drew some rough sketches in front of the mirror, then i scenned it and did some corrections in photoshop.



Yep, Carmean is Amazing!! I hugely admire his work, and am happy to share it :). I was lucky enough to have his last class before he retired!


Thank you for posting these! I hope you will participate in the Anatomy Review 003: SHADING TUTORIAL AND HUMAN SKULL EXERCISE :slight_smile:

Thanks guys for your posts! :slight_smile:



I’m focusing on the gesture, here are a few attempts based on Vilppu’s and rebeccak’s teachings.
(trying to capture the flow and going around the forms)
A sidenote: I really am not sure if these are good, but it seems to me that there is some improvement since lesson 001… At least in my undersanding of the ‘problem’ we are trying to solve here (the thing we are trying to analyze).
I think it’s important to say remember that gesture is not a synonim for contour. It’s more a way of depicting the action and guiding the eye throug a movement. Correct me if I’m wrong!

As for points 1-4:
medium used: photoshop
time taken: around 4 minutes each
the process: i try to follow the flow of the figure and feel the movement starting from head, moving on torso (lots of attention if it’s twisting) and then linking the flow on limbs
(usually legs before arms)
this is not the best, just studies, but rebeccak told me to post here so… we go:
 references from [](
 The first one is taken from a statue of "Neptune" by Adam Lambert.
 The second one is Detail from "Baptism" by Andrea del Sarto
 The third attempt just follows the same principles
 and is based on Baciccio's 'baptist'

#4: Gesture of S.Sebastian by Alonso Berrugue (I think this one is good)


#5: this one is from François-Joseph Bosio a French Sculptor.
In this one I tried to be more free in my lines. I exagerated some of the curves on purpose (torso head and shoulders). I also tried to find the matching rythm betweeb the figure and the background (I usually leave this out, but I think sometimes is necessary to balance the figure) I think it’s quite noticeable how the eye is driven in and out the figure through the tree trunk.

update 20-jul-2005
While doing these I felt a bit lost… so I have a few questions:

  1. What is the relation between gesture lines and direction of movement / strength of figure?
  2. In some gesture drawings we can see arrows. what’s their purpose and how do we read/use them (this is maybe obvious but I’m feeling confused right now…)

these are the new attempts. I feel the movement is more fluid but sometimes less readable. these are all copies taken from famous sculpures or paintings (click on the image for a bigger version)


here’s some drawings from when i was enrolled over at the Art Institute of LA. I haven’t been to a life drawing session in so long. i miss it so much =( hopefully i can start going to this Atelier school near my house where Rey Bustos teaches. these images are all taken from my website. i can scan in more if you guys want. i have tons of these in my sketchbooks

those are some great gestures btw xillion =)

  1. i don’t remember how long this one took. maybe a 5 minute pose. done with pilot hi-tech c .5mm and regular printer paper:
  2. i think these were 1 min poses. same medium
  3. this one is either a 2 or 5 minute pose. not sure.



Awesome! Thank you for posting these! I took a figure drawing class at the same place, back in the day with Steve Huston. He was a great teacher ~ it’s too bad he no longer teaches there.

DEFINITELY post more of your work in the appropriate threads ~ I was hoping to attract some of you LA figure drawing guys! Indeed, I miss that environment too ~ not a specific place or school, but the intense environment of hard-core learning that has developed over the years in LA.

Great stuff! I look forward to seeing more of your work! :slight_smile:



glad you like 'em =) i’ll try and post more when i get a chance. i’ve got some zoo drawings too, tho they’re not that great. is there a place where those should go? or is there even a “life drawing animals” thread? hehe


Ha Ha Ha! Funny you should ask… :slight_smile:




Check these threads! :slight_smile:



Here’s some of my quick model sketches, This are all from my art class yesterday, The class im taking is held once a week, 3 and a half hours, and I have to say that the class is almost the only thing that makes sure I keep drawing, I find it very hard to sit down and draw at home.


Here are some of mine, the longest of which ran for 25 minutes. How short must a ‘gesture’ be in this forum?



Really, there’s no time limit for Gesture drawings here ~ usually a 25 minute isn’t really a gesture, but, meh? It doesn’t really concern me so long as you don’t have a fully rendered drawing.

I really like the lower right corner piece ~ that to me is a very gestural drawing.

Thanks for posting these! I look forward to seeing more of your work! :slight_smile:



Hi there,
I don’t think that I belong here, but as it is the third time I try to get some feedback on my gesture experiments I’ll post them here now. I have no earlier experience in drawing humans so I hope you are giving me feedback what I need to pay atention to.

Thanks, eXi

PS: All these are done by imagination



I apologize, I’ve been really busy and had kind of forgotten to review your work, so you’ll have to excuse me! I’ve had your work in the back of my mind, and then just go distracted. Here, finally, is your review. :slight_smile:

And you DO belong here, the thread is for any and all Gesture drawings. :slight_smile: