gesture drawings please take a look


hello everyone,
i have been spending most of my recent time drawing and sketching
from a great website thats for sure
i think i have reach a good level of sketching here i feel that my lines are much stronger
please leave a comment


You think and see in terms of solids, so that’s good. I think “gesture” drawings should identify and capture the energy of the pose – the line of action, and not get too detailed.

I don’t think that spiral (diagonal) muscle on Batman’s wrist exists.


thanks a lot
i am working really hard to get my sketches better


Click on the link, right click on the picture and choose view image, copy the url and post it here using the insert image button.


Ditto what jfrancis said.

These are more sketchy than gestural. When you’re gesture drawing you want to capture the lines more so than the form, and no detail. Think about emotion, movement, action etc. It’s amazing what you can capture with a few simple lines.

Do a google search for gesture drawing and you’ll find many examples.


Nice work indeed.

Have you tried Quickpose generator? If not you get a series of photographs that cycle at a desired speeds (30 sec, 45 sec, 1min, ect, ect) and you have to gesture sketch each one in the time, then move onto the next.
It’s really quite good for making you just do the gesture without delving into any detail.

EDIT: Some poses may not be safe for work due to slight nudity.


thanks a lot everyone
i have been working a lot trying to improve later i will upload more drawings