German TUTORIAL: UV Mapping mit Maya 5


:bounce: Realy it`s amazing for me to see your work.its very helpful for me and i will learn more things about maya.But the problem is your time.I wish you to have enough time for doing it.
:bounce: I am waiting for you …:drool:


well, that´s a problem we all seem to have, al lack of time :frowning:

i´m glad that you like my work at all. i plan to do a “maya - from the very beginning” learn CD in the near future as my final exam project. maybe you can participate from it if i´m allowed to publish it here.


:slight_smile: Thanks dear Psychosilence!
But does it mean that we cannt continue now ? I like to learn every thing i can.And here i can ask you my problems.Ofcourse i know that you havnt enough time to doing the mountain.ok.could i create and post it to you ?Or if we cann`t do that could i ask you my other questions ?

Thanks dear psychosilence for your interests and good luck to you.:bounce:


Oh sure you can ask any question ! that is what a 3d related board was ment to be…:beer:

the reason why i might not be allowed to publish it here is, because it is an official project for the final exams of my studium. and it simply could be that they want to keep it… :hmm: :cry:

right now i´m working on a mech


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