George's Kitchen GI + FG


Here’s Version 1 of my GI renders… I’ve added my final Non-GI composite, a GI version, and a version with FG on.

I had to remove my branches, because I can’t get my transparency map to work with GI on. Originally I had the branches backdrop create shadows. I’ve read the Advanced Maya book, and the Maya help files… but I just don’t understand how to get my transparency map to create shadows with GI on.


Why is the first one a “composite” - please post your output exactly as it comes from the renderer for this project. The first one seems to have some bounce light in it too???

You can turn on “Direct Illumination Shadow Effects” in your Render Settings window to get the tree shadows back if you want. Or use the map as a cookie on the light instead.



Hi Jeremy… the first image was what I turned in last Monday … just to compare…


OK. To see what the GI is doing, please post the GI and non-GI renders of the same scene, with no changes between them. That way I can see what the direct light sources are, and exactly what the GI or GI+FG is adding. Don’t change anything but those render settings between the versions.



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