George's Kitchen - Caustics


a GI Version,
a GI with caustics version…
an FG with caustics version
I have a spot light that only emits Caustic photons on the bottle…


OK, good overall.

I’m having trouble seeing where the caustics are, if there’s supposed to be a difference between the pictures in caustics.

That’s a huge brightness/color shift from the FG, although the scene looks a lot better with it. Maybe the GI should have more intensity and also more photons total. I see some circles on the table and on the back wall, and I don’t know if they are photons that aren’t smoothed out, or if they are something else like a flare.



i think i need to go back and take “File Nameing 101” … in my excitement, i uploaded a mislabeled file… now its fixed… the "No Caustics version is there… my apologies to all who were inconvenienced :wink:


OK, the new files still don’t show a no GI vs. GI comparison, but at least I can see the caustics: they are those really big circles. I guess you need more photons on those, and maybe you don’t need them to reflect off the bottle, just refraction will keep them focused.



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