George Salazar - Rabbit


Here is My rabbit… I am having an issue with the rabbits fur when I render the grass to… i’ve included two files to prove my point


My rim spot light is creating the problem…trying to figure out why…

I’ll post an update soon :wink: hopefully with some paint effects too


I adjusted the shadow’s bias and filter from the rim light, and it did the trick.

       Here's my updated bunny.. with a few paint effects...

(i’ve attached… and attempted to embed the same image)



That’s looking great! Very sorry I didn’t reply sooner over the weekend.

There’s a little artifact on the rabbit that looks like vertical stripes - I wonder if that’s a shadowing issue?



I realized I had no curl on both the base and the tip. so I upped the bass curl, and added a little scraggle as well… It seemed to do the trick on the patterning.


Yeah, that did improve it. Looking forwards to seeing it with less frontal lighting.



Sometimes Ifeel like I take a few steps forward, then a few steps backwards… I played a bit more with the lighting and fur…I also added some depth of field.


The shading on the grass is looking better, nice light there. The rabbit could use a little kick of extra light so it isn’t all dark, and the eye needs a highlight or reflection or something.



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