George rig 1.0 released


I am not sure where rigs should be posted so I guess the animation forum is the closest one.

                 George Rig is a cartoon character rig     with all features that animator would expect, including but not limited to:
                 - switchable FK & IK limbs;
                 - FK & IK torso;
                 - squash & stretch;
                 - advanced foot setup;
                 - detail facial rig;
                 - switchers GUI;
                 - etc.
   [b]Download the rig + guide + bonuses (zip file) [here]([/b][b].
  Download only the rig [here](
  Download only the guide [here]([/b]                                                            [b].
                 Application to run the rig is Blender ([](  Blender is cool 3d open source application so feel free to download it.

I’d love to hear your feedback.


         There is new  version of the George rig 1.2. 
         Main enhancements:
         - new stretchy IK system (much better for FK - IK switching)
         - bending bones work correctly in stretched positions
         - nicer IK torso bones shapes as requested by users
         - many other "under-the-hood" tweaks ...
    There is new version of the George rig 1.3
    - solved flipping of the spine, the shoulders and the neck when the rig was rotated upside down (180 degrees) - yes, some animators would like to animate ceiling walkcycles :-)
     - enhanced parenting/multiple spaces  switching  constraints of the eyes target, neck and head
     - some minor tweaks


Updated version George rig 1.2 was just released. See first post.
I am really looking forward to comments from animators (I believe Blender is not in Black list of CGSociety members :-)))


Great job !


thank you really amazing


Thank you mates, really looking forward to your animations :slight_smile:


There is new version of the rig George rig 1.3

Details in a first post. Thank to all animators for reporting issues.


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