George Kim_Matte Painting_Crevasse City


Whoops! 10 days left! Sorry to join late.
First, the thumbnail is a concept sketch. I’ve been thinking of depicting a highly developed civilization living in a crevasse of an epic scenery. It could be a civilization or the “rebel base” such as in “a movie.” You fly over a crevasse and see lights and structures inside and the crevasse leads you to a distant complex of buildings.


DMP in progress …

Next Stage: Addiing underground city elements to the walls of the crevasse and some flying objects …


But first, final touch-ups and layer arrangement for camera projection …

And please help me out if you find any disturbing (even potential) problems of any kind … artistic, legal, or logical.


Thinking of settling for this one as the environment. Moving on to modeling a simple spaceship to fly over …


Awoke 9 hours straight to finish this. Hope you guys find this interesting.



Stereoscopic version.
Found several 3d geometrical inaccuracies revealed in stereoscopic view and fixed.
Exaggerated lens flare adjusted. Two failed videos omitted.



Sorry I haven’t mentioned:
I’ve used a gtx690 for editing the DMP and setting up the scene but it failed to render out 4K animation sequences so I used a render farm service for the animations.
Softwares: Photoshop, Blender, Cycles, Premiere Pro CC.