George Bridgman's Constructive Anatomy on Google Scribd - thanks Richa!


Thanks to Richa for this link which I found on her blog:

George Bridgman’s Constructive Anatomy on Google Scribd


Pleasure :wink:

I thought i was the last one to know about the ibook:D


I’ve seen a dozen anatomy books, and I didn’t know about this one.
Just flicking through it, I can already see it’s one of the best I’ve seen for the depth and clarity of the illustrations.


Thanks for posting this link, I’ve downloaded and am getting quite a lot out of it!


Wow, just downloaded it.
Thanks a mil!


Just downloaded it. Great book! Thanks!


Thanks Rebeccak for sharing this great book!


awesome awesome awesome. I had a copy of this book in high school and someone stole it, haven’t been able to find a good copy of it since. It’s nice to have my anatomy bible back. His ideas on masses and movement are invaluable. thank you thank you


I was trying to work from my physical version the other day and I could not but help being critical by Bridgemans drawings. Could be just me, but foreshortened fingers and thumbs, when the artist is trying to learn proportion, is a BAD thing. It could be useful if the drawing was rendered with shadow and light, but all his sketches are pencils. Also some of his drawings are hard to read because of the quick life-drawing feel to them; some lines distract rather than help.

But other than that there is a wealth of knowledge on anatomy. Just wouldn’t prefer it for copying images. No one seems to mention it, but Hogarths books are great for seeing form. The only issue for me was that I began using his ‘style’ when creating my work because I wasn’t doing life drawing beside it.

I would say books by Anthony Rider (to see the studied model in a life drawing session) and Goldfinger’s Human Anatomy for the artist (for all the technical info and detail images and comparisons).

But for those short on cash I guess this and the Loomie’s would be just as useful.


There’s actually a higher quality scan that I found here:Constructive Anatomy - George Bridgman

  In fact there's loads of great resources on scribd!
  [b]Andrew Loomis:[/b][Eye of the Painter]([Successful Drawing]([Drawing the Head and Hands](
  [Creative Illustration](
  [Fun with a Pencil](
Burne Hogarth:[/b][](   [Drawing the Human Hand and Head](
[Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery](
[Drawing Dynamic Hands](

Dynamic Anatomy


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