GeoPoly for maya?


There is a feature in 3ds max where by you can take an ‘n’ sided poly face and if geo poly would be used it turned it into a circle. Is there somehting similar in MAYA ?


How is an octagon a circle?


It’s still in the early stages of evolution. In the due course of time, natural selection will cause its descendants to develop more verts :slight_smile:

But to OP’s question, in Maya 2018 you can select the face and use Edit Mesh->Circularize. Or if you’re using an older Maya, you could make a cylinder with the correct number of sides, line it up where you want, and manually snap your verts to it.


Okay, Thanks guys i guess i’ll have to make do with making a cylinder and snapping the verts to it.:slight_smile:


Looks like someone made a script for this type of thing, it says it supports Maya 2013+. I never used it but it’s well reviewed (and free):

Circulator for Maya


use zhcgpolytools for maya, is a set of python scripts with tons of cool stuff on them, one of them is a circlelize tool with some option on it, really handy if you don’t have access to 2018, and even with access to 2018, there’s a lot of cool tool on zhcgpolytools


Circulize will be the best option, you can snap vertices of a cilinder too it will take a bit longer

No need to be rude with users… of course he doesn´t mean circle in the esense of creating a perfect circle with some polygons, wich in fact YOU CAN´T, he is obviously going to press 3 to soft edges in the viewport or increase the number of faces latter or he might do that in any other aplication like zbrush.

…OMG! unless you use nurbs insteed of polygons to create a mesh, each polygonal “circle” will be composed of thousands of squares or triangles… first day at 3d school…

No need to be an unhelpful bully, they are just starting same way you did once, at least they are learning right and polite.


I can’t find that script anywhere…, all the highend3D links are dead or not working…, Do you have a valid link to download?. Thanks in


Maybe this?


That is not zhcgpolytools, it’s circularize script.



Thank you!


Anyone explain me how to figure out how to reveal this tool “zhcgpolytools” in Maya 2017?
I’ve follwed the instruction but never. Nothing appear on main menubar


I don’t know what to say…, I’ve put the two files in the scripts folder as the readme file says, and the menu shows up and work perfect.

Sorry, I’m not using 2017 but 2016.5.


Thank you Joie. Doesn’t work on my side in Maya 2017, putting the script as the installation descriptions.


make sure you installed the latest version, here:


Well, I tried on a friend’s computer with MAYA 2018 and it works right away too.