Geometry Slicer Tutorial


Hello CGTalkers,

I just uploaded a new C4D tutorial where I show you a quick and easy way to create a geometry slicer in Cinema 4D.

We also have a prebuilt rig that you can download to make this process even easier for you. Simply drop your object into the Voronoi Fracture and then adjust the parameters to suit your requirements.

Watch the tutorial here





thanks for that. Great tutorial, the text effect at the end was particularly good.



Tim, Thank you! In combination with a Random effector your technique is really powerful. And thanks for all those other wonderful tutorials too. You’ve really added to my C4D experience.


Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.


Thank you so much for sharing!


I’m still on R19… :pensive:


The technique should work fine in R19 too.


Thank you!!


Excellent, then i’ll give it a go…